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  • WASD - Move around
  • Left Mouse Button - Shovel Strike/Throw corpse if you're holding one
  • Right Mouse Button - Pick up a nearby corpse
  • Space - Dash
  • F - switch between resolutions/toggle fullscreen
  • P - Pause

Made for Ludum Dare 42 (Theme: Running out of space)

Many years ago hell froze over. To counteract this and bring it back to its old glory Satan himself started deploying some of his demons to cause global warming in the world above his domain. To generate the necessary heat, corpses of the damned are being burned in the central incinerator.

This would be business as usual - if not for the fact that all that's left of hell's great factory is a single lava hole in the middle of the icy wastes.

Meet Smokes - hell's janitor. His job is cleaning up after new sinners are brought into the once fiery depths and making sure they're incinerated at all costs. He couldn't do this job reliably without his trusty shovel, which you can use to strike enemies and push around their leftovers.

During the regular waves banished souls (in the form of skulls) will spawn. Fend them off and push (or throw) their corpses into the central incinerator/lava hole to fill it up.

After enough corpses are burned, a frantic boss wave will begin - during which you can't dispose of corpses as the incinerator is closed and working. Try to avoid the masses of enemies and don't run out of space!

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jm2k - Coding

HappyHead - Art

laight - Music

Sisi - Cover art

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Tags2D, Arcade, demons, GameMaker, Ludum Dare 42, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
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HellsJanitor.zip (Fixed Version) 3.1 MB
HellsJanitorOG.zip (Original Version) 3.2 MB

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To launch the game, extract the provided .zip file anywhere and run the executable.

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